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Working Time Society Fellow Members 

Designation as a fellow:

The Working Time Society (WTS) Constitution and Rules include a special member honour, that of designation as a "Fellow" of the Society. The WTS Fellowship is to recognise extraordinary or sustained, superior accomplishments of an individual. To be considered for a fellowship two eligibility criteria must be satisfied. In addition, the candidate’s distinction as a scientist and
professional in the field of working time and health must be demonstrated.

Fellow members:

  • Peter Colquhoun - in memoriam (1928 - 2005, Times of London Obituary)
  • Juhani Ilmarinen 
  • Peter Knauth
  • Friedhelm Nachreiner
  • Don Tepas
  • Simon Folkard - elected in 2005
  • Kazutaka Kogi - elected in 2005
  • Zander Wedderburn - elected in 2005
  • Giovanni Costa - elected in 2013
  • Torbjörn Åkerstedt - elected in 2015
  • Mikko Härmä - elected in 2017
  • Frida Marina Fischer - elected in 2019
  • Johannes Gärtner - elected in 2019

Donald Tepas - Professional Award:

  • Simon Folkard - 2019

Honorary Member:

  • Till Roenneberg - 2019

The Chair of the Honours Committee is currently Mikael Sallinen

For more details about the designation of a Fellow, download the full criteria (.doc) and the designation procedure (.ppt).

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