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OPTION I: Register as "Regular member" or a "Student member and members from developing countries" - with membership fees and a number of advantages. - Please note the participants of symposia are automatically members for the the next 2 year period (e.g. 2015 participants are members up to -  2017)
Register as "other contact" - no membership and no membership fee. Only infos from the MAILING LIST including the Shiftwork International Newsletter (S.I.N.) will be sent to you.

Becoming a regular member of the Working Time Society
If you did not pay your membership fee as part of the conference fee:
  1. Membership fees are
    • Euro 60 ... regular members
    • Euro 30 ... students and members from developing countries
  2. The participants of each of the International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time can become members for two years at a reduced rate which is collected together with the Symposium fee
    • of 45 Euro for 2 years ... regular members
    • of 20 Euro for 2 years ... students and members from developing countries

If the membership fee is a problem to you, please contact the treasurer of the WTS. The teasurer can waive the membership fee and report the decisions in the next board meeting. If a membership application is rejected by the secretary or the president the money is transferred back. 

Membership advantages:
  • Reduced fees for participating in symposia
  • Newsletter sent by email
  • Right to ask questions via mailing list in general and to the board
  • Access to the members only pages of the website -
  • Special support for younger members
  • A small support for visiting the conference if necessary (please contact the Finance Committee ).

ENGLISH: General Terms of Business: If a membership is cancelled within 3 months, the money is refunded. Thereafter no refunds are given. Members can end their membership at any time.
DEUTSCH: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen: Wird ein Mitgliedsantrag innerhalb von 3 Monaten storniert, wird der Mitgliedsbeitrag refundiert. Nach diesem Zeitpunkt wird kein Beitrag refundiert. Die Mitgliedschaft kann jederzeit beendet werden.

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