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Shiftwork and Gender Differences

Some articles focused around shiftwork and gender issues.


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Lowson E, Arber S

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TITLE: Preparing, Working, Recovering: Gendered Experiences of Night Work among Women and their Families.

Smith P, Ibrahim-Dost J, Keegel T, MacFarlane E

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Gender differences in the relationship between shift work and work injury: examining the influence of dependent children

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TITLE: Working Time, Health and Safety: a Research Synthesis Paper

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An occupational health physician’s report on the improvement in the sleeping conditions of night shift workers
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[Gender and night work: Sleep, daily life and the experiences of night shift workers]

Marquié J, Foret  J.

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TITLE: Sleep, age and shiftwork experience
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Circadian adjustment of men and women to night work

Oginska H, Pokorski J, Oginski A

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TITLE: Gender, aging and shift work intolerance

Tepas D, Duchon J, Gersten A
CITATION: Experimental Aging Research. 1993; 19(4), 295-320

TITLE: Shiftwork and the older worker

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