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Staying Alert in a Dark Room by Participant Activation and Interaction
Shiftwork- & Working Time-Symposium Bingo

How does it work? - Just like any other bingo! You attend the Symposium and mark those squares that describe what is going on. When you get five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), you yell “Bingo!"

Frida dances better than all the young ones

You can hear the speaker through the partition in the next room (and she´s much more interesting)

Somebody has their entire talk written out word for word on their slides

Excessive use of animation on slides

Keynote speaker has obviously lost track of which conference they are at.

Speaker interrupts their answer to a question to ask what it was.

Somebody makes the thinly veiled suggestion that what was just presented has already been done

Simon asks the first question for three talks in a row

The next speaker can be seen preparing the slides for his/her talk in the front row

Session chair has to ask the first question and no other questions follow

Panel speakers present only their own work

Attendees subjected to partying noise at night to facilitate circadian inversion.

Red text on blue background

Kazu secretly prepares beautiful Origami

Zander seemed to fall asleep, but hadn’t

Main organizer pays a hurried visit to the auditorium

At least three slides in sequence filled with formulae

Speaker inadvertently corrects for dependent variable in regression analysis

Speaker keeps turning his head towards screen, and away from the microphone

“in the future work we intend to conduct further research”

Pointer doesn’t work

Somebody bumps into the projector while walking out in the middle of a talk

More than 5 “adjusted odd ratios (aOR)” in one talk

Shift system change study fails to mention simultaneous changes in working conditions

Email notification window keeps popping up on presenter’s screen

Somebody asks a question and takes three minutes to get to the point

A poster is an exact copy of  the abstract in the proceedings

“Thank you for an interesting talk, but have you considered


Speaker points at his/her laptop screen, but nobody knows what’s on it

Attendees subjected to daytime dark to facilitate circadian inversion

Students fall asleep because they partied the night before

Speaker has to skip ten slides because he/she’s running out of time

“You can’t see that on the projection, but…”

More than 100 words on one slide

Speaker forgets how she/he started the sentence, but soldiers on regardless

Organisers embarrassed by loud partying all night

Chair has to translate question from English into English before speaker understands

Record number of attendees (3, including chair and speaker) present at first talk after the Banquet.

Unidentified attendee spotted looking at a poster.

Organisers embarrassed by mysterious disappearance of beer.

Chair announces change in speaker order to thwart parallel session switchers

Speaker issues 3D glasses to facilitate interpretation of graphs.

Drones of attendees depart early for their final trysts

Norwegians abandon sledges and continue on foot in race to Lido

Torbjorn declines to commit himself

Speaker performs a factor analysis with oblique rotation and promptly falls over

Questioner asks why the “I” is missing from KSS

Committee fails to get through agenda and most items held over until next symposium

Version 1.0 Feb 10th, 2011 as to be published: Gärtner, J., S. Folkard, and L. Di Milia. Staying Alert in a Dark Room by Participant Activation and Interaction. in 20th International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time "Biological mechanisms and risk management in the 24h society". J. Axelsson. 2011. June 28-July 1, 2011 Stockholm, Sweden. - Idea adapted from Robert Kosara, VisWeek 2010.

The winner of 2011 Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time is rewarded with a kiss from the President.


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